You Will Be Held Liable For Illegal Contracts, President Tells Cabinet Secretaries

On November 16, 2018 In Latest News

President Uhuru Kenyatta today ordered all ministries to stop awarding tenders in unclear circumstances.
The President warned that Cabinet Secretaries, Principal Secretaries and Chief Executives of parastatals under whose watch tenders are issued without following the due process will face the full force of the law. He ordered all sections of Government to immediately adopt the e-procurement platform so that the public can see that all procurement rules have been adhered to before a Government contract is awarded. The President, who spoke at State House, Nairobi, said there are no sacred cows in his Government and anyone who does not abide by the law will be personally held responsible. He said senior public officials should realize that the days when public servants viewed their offices as avenues for personal benefit are long gone. “We have made it very clear to them that we expect within the shortest possible time all issues of procurement must be on the e-procurement platform so that every single citizen in Kenyan can see whether a tender was done transparently, whether it was done correctly, who was awarded and why and who the other competitors are. The Head of State also said that the Government will hold even anti-corruption bodies accountable as an indication of the Government’s seriousness in dealing with corrupt practices. The statement comes during a week when several suspects have been arraigned in court in connection with the Anglo Leasing scandal. The President made it clear that favouritism and interference in how official State business is conducted has no place in the Jubilee Government. “There is no sacred cow in this Government, none, including myself. I have no right to call a CS, PS or a chief executive to tell them to award a contract to a particular individual. There is a process,” he said. The President said those entrusted with safeguarding public funds should know that ultimately they will be held accountable for their actions without regard for whether they were under pressure from others. Everybody must know if you hold an office you must do things in accordance with the law and not in accordance to pressure from those calling you. You will be held accountable,” he said. President Kenyatta also called on civil servants to work diligently to restore public confidence, adding that he was proud of the determination shown by the younger generation. He said for many decades Kenyans have forgotten what service to the public means but the trend is now changing thanks to the transformational agenda of the Government. “It is regrettable when a young man or woman has to wait for four years for an Identity Card because of the ineffectiveness of Government. This is what we have to change,” he said. He said the idea of Kenyans paying bribes for what is their Constitutional right must be banished. The President spoke when he was presented with a gold medal awarded to Kenya for innovative management in Africa. Kenya won the gold medal in the 2015 African Association for Public Administration and Management held in Morocco this week. The medal, which Kenya won for the Huduma services, was handed over to the President by Cabinet Secretary for Devolution Anne Waiguru. President Kenyatta said that by the end of 2016, there will be a Huduma Centre in every county and Constituency. Currently there are 18 Huduma Centers in the country which bring together 35 different Government services. The Devolution CS said the Huduma services were providing crucial services to the public and playing a big role in restoring confidence. Cabinet Secretaries Joseph Nkaissery (Internal Security) and Kazungu Kambi (Labour) and other senior Government officials attended the function.

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