President Mourns Grace Ogot

On November 16, 2018 In Latest News

President Uhuru Kenyatta has sent a message of condolence to the family, friends and relatives of the former assistant minister and author Grace Ogot who passed on this morning at a Nairobi hospital. In his message, the President said the late Grace Ogot was an extraordinary woman who demonstrated service to her country, through her immense talent and unwavering patriotism.  “There are many in this nation and beyond who will deeply miss her work as she truly demonstrated   a life of service, love, compassion and excellence. May she rest in peace,” said the President:    The President said the late Grace Ogot will be remembered as a loving and caring Kenyan leader who always had a smile to help brighten others. “She was truly a gem and always a pleasure to be around her,” said the President. President Kenyatta said it was because of her commitment and loyalty to the nation that the late Grace Ogot was appointed to serve the nation in various capacities. He pointed out that Grace Ogot was an intelligent writer whose works possessed a rare grace and compassion. "Her beautiful works are evidence of her deep connection with the mood of our Nation, as well as the temper of its communities as they navigated their heritage through rapidly unfolding modernisation. She spoke to a life that she understood profoundly through study and experience and directed our minds to the possibilities that lie in bridging the lived life with living ideas. I will always treasure the simplicity, beauty, honesty and hope that shone through her elegant words. A woman of many parts -leader, teacher, manager, story teller, parent, mentor and humanitarian-Dr Ogot is heroine and a national treasure." He said even as the family and nation mourn the passing of one of the Kenyans women legends it is equally important to thank God for having given the country such a unique leader. He said the late Ogot was keen to fight for the rights of the girl child and ensured that many were accorded opportunities to acquire education. The President said though the late Ogot had opportunity to serve outside the country, she opted to return back to her motherland to join other Kenyans in setting foundation and building a strong nation through her skills and expertise. He said Grace Ogot who was a nurse, journalist, politician and diplomat knew how to combine her God given talents to ensure that humanity got the best out of her. “I will remember her for her zest for life, smile, and kindness. I will always remember the late Grace Ogot kindness and that special glowing smile which was contagious with anyone she came in contact with,” said the President. The President assured the family of his support and prayers at this difficult mourning period.

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