On January 9, 2019 In Statements and Speeches

  1. Welcome to the 4th Presidential Round Table. I am aware that the Ministerial Stakeholder Forums (MSF’s) continue to be a good platform for having detailed discussions. My Government has made commitments in dealing with issues raised by the private sector. This, I believe is progressing well in most cases except where there are longer processes that are legislative/ judicial in nature.

  1. I believe that after every successive session of the Ministerial Stakeholder Forums or the Presidential Round Table, we are moving many steps forward in the right direction as a country.

  2. I expect the Ministerial Stakeholder Forums with the Cabinet Secretaries to continue to be the key platform to address issues that need attention.

  1. I value the Presidential Round Table interactions which create opportunities to resolve issues and generate dialogue in taking our economic agenda forward. The progress we continue to make has been recognized both locally and internationally.

  1. Bloomberg has recognized Kenya as the 3rd fastest growing economy in a global survey of 57 economies projected to register the fastest growth in 2015 globally. Kenya is ranked alongside China, India, Philippines and Indonesia as the only economies hitting a minimum of five per cent growth rate this year.

  1. Brookings institute has noted that EAC region is dependent on what happens in Kenya which contributes up to 40% of the regional GDP.

  1. Fortune magazine ranked Kenya as one of the seven top investment destinations to watch in emerging markets.

  1. The World Bank Group acknowledges Kenya’s macroeconomic indicators are solid with Economic growth projections of 6 percent in 2015.

  1. This year we will host the Global Entrepreneurship Summit  and the WTO meeting. The work on ease of doing business continues in consultation with the private sector and the World Bank.

  2. We continue to witness expansion and growth of businesses in Kenya by both local and international corporates. I am confident that we can do more and I expect you to be our ambassadors in marketing Kenya as one of the leading investment destinations in the region.

  1. Keroche Industries, The Two Rivers shopping Complex, Associated Batteries, GZI, UAP and Unilever are some of the many leading local and global businesses that are expanding.

  1. We have also had some challenges in the past around VAT refunds, security, and corruption. We are making good progress in all these areas and I hope you have taken note of the progress.
  1. As I wait to hear on your report on the 3 thematic areas which you have chosen to discuss today, I would like to challenge KEPSA to explore how to resolve the following three issues that are important to majority of Kenyans: High cost of interest rates, High cost of basic commodities and our collective responsibility in ensuring that we build a strong Kenya Brand.

  2. Finally, as a demonstration of our continued commitment to supporting entrepreneurship and small businesses, I now direct all Government agencies to; with immediate effect accept identity cards as sufficient documentation for the youth and women to access the 30% preferential access to Government tenders that was a preserve of persons with formal registered business names.

  1. I now wish to open the floor for KEPSA to make their presentation and to welcome the discussions thereafter.

Thank you.

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