We Will Be Ruthless With Those Inciting Religious Hatred, Says President Kenyatta

On December 6, 2018 In Latest News

President Uhuru Kenyatta today said the government will hunt down individuals who preach religious intolerance and ethnicity in the country. He said divisive politics that threaten cohesion and peaceful co-existence and therefore distract Kenyans from productive activities will no longer be tolerated. “You cannot force religion on people. Religion is between individuals and their God,” the President said while acknowledging greetings from Kisumu residents who turned up in the streets to cheer him. President Kenyatta, who was in Kisumu for the 2nd Annual Conference on Devolution, said Kenyans of different religious backgrounds have been living peacefully and will not be divided by selfish interests. He blamed the Garissa killings on religious extremism saying leaders should unite and fight vices that threaten peace and harmony in the country. The President said a united nation will ensure peace and economic prosperity for the benefit of all citizens. He told elected leaders to rise above partisan politics and work together to unite Kenyans to engage in activities that impact positively on their lives. “Elections come and go. Let us embrace ideologies that improve on the lives of Kenyans. You should not allow politicians to misuse you for selfish gain,” the President told the youth. Kisumu town almost came to a standstill as the motorcade moved at a snail’s speed to enable the President to wave and acknowledge cheers from surging crowds. The President also urged Kenyans to be on the lookout for any  signs of devolving corruption to the counties. “Let us ensure that only good services are devolved to the grassroots. ” he observed. President Kenyatta said devolution is at the heart of the national rebirth and was every citizen’s responsibility to ensure it succeeds.

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