On January 9, 2019 In Statements and Speeches

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am delighted to join you today for the handing over of the 25th Beyond Zero mobile clinic to Nakuru County, one of the most cosmopolitan and culturally diverse counties in the country. I am glad that this clinic will serve mothers and children in a county that truly reflects the face of Kenya and hosts almost all the 42 communities of our country who co-exist peacefully. Before I proceed, let me take this opportunity to thank all of you for hosting us today and for your warm welcome. Being located in the heart of the scenic Great Rift Valley, the county is blessed with lakes and rivers that host a magnificent blend of flora and fauna. This has made the county to be among Kenya's top tourist destinations, with Naivasha, in the recent years, being the go-to-place for domestic tourists. The  beautiful flamingoes of lake Nakuru are globally known. As an agricultural hub, much of the produce from this area is consumed both locally and beyond. I am particularly encouraged by the recent initiatives by local farmers who have made agri-business more lucrative and profitable through value addition of their potatoes. The success of Mwangaza Self-Help Group should prompt the county leadership to explore alternative crops that need value-addition, to attract better prices for the local farmers. The geological properties of the region have also enabled the area to be uniquely poised for geo-thermal power production, with Nakuru contributing significantly to Kenya's power grid. The recently launched free Wi-Fi connectivity is another first for Nakuru. I urge the youth, in this town, to make good use of the free resource to bring down the overheads in their business start-ups. Besides, free wi-fi provides an opportunity for the young people to venture into online businesses which are currently driving the global financial markets. However, the recent deaths of 14 people and hospitalisation of another 70 victims due to cholera is an indication of the need to boost the fight against preventable diseases. We must come up with strategies to improve sanitation and waste disposal in our various localities. We have to re-think our hygiene standards, not only in our public eating places but right from our homes if we have to keep cholera at bay in the future. The Northern Great road traverses through your great county. Although this important transport corridor is critical to the economy of Nakuru , we should be aware of the dangerous locations along the highway which have become serious transmission points for HIV /AIDS. Besides the burden of HIV/AIDS, Kenya, like the rest of the world, is witnessing an increasing number of cancer cases affecting our people from all ages, gender and social status. As Kenya prepares to host the 9th Breast, Cervical and Prostrate Cancer  in Africa  Conference  (SCCA) this coming July, I wish to encourage all of us to adopt lifestyles and eating habits that protect our bodies from this wasteful disease. To keep cancer away, we must eat healthy traditional foodstuff that are rich in vitamins and minerals and which are locally available rather than processed and unhealthy food. We should also exercise regularly. As responsible residents, we must protect our environment regardless of the economic pressures that face us. Charcoal burning and clearing of our forests without planting new trees has greatly depleted the forest-cover in the county. This has led to reduced rain fall and subsequently a drop in the water levels in our lakes. These negative activities affect the future of Nakuru as a leading tourism destination. Remember, we cannot sustain our food security unless we protect the ecosystem. Finally, may I now kindly ask you all to join me, in handing over this 25th fully kitted mobile clinic donated by Beyond Zero campaign, to your governor , Mr. Kinuthia Mbugua, on behalf of the people of this great County. Thank you and God bless you..

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