On August 15, 2018 In Cabinet Briefs

H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta, today in a rare move and for the first time in the history of our country, invited students and pupils drawn from schools from all over the country to witness Cabinet in session.This effort has the objective of encouraging students to aspire to be future leaders and aims at inculcating the right leadership values in them at an early age.  This is part of a leadership development programme being spearheaded by H.E. the President where the students are sensitized on ethical and committed leadership, honesty and patriotism.  The students will also tour Parliament, the Department of Defence, and the Judiciary in the programme. H. E. the President was chairing the 5th Cabinet meeting at State House where the Cabinet considered and approved the following constitutional bills and major policy issues.
  1. Constitutional Bills, 2015
Cabinet approved two (2) constitutional bills as follows: 
  • The Proposed Legal Aid Bill, 2015 which institutionalizes the promotion and use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) method. The Bill enhances justice by reducing the high costs of litigation through courts. 
  • The Physical (Land Use) Planning Bill, 2015 – The Bill makes provision for the planning, use, regulation and development of land.  It provides for clarity of the physical and land use planning at the National and County levels. It embeds national principles and values, while ensuring effective citizen participation in the planning process.
  1. Supplementary Estimates II 2014/2015
Cabinet noted that while Kenya’s economic growth is still resilient, the outcome of the 3rd quarter of the current financial year and the continuation of the global economic stagnation is likely to have a negative impact on the performance of revenues. Cabinet noted that:
  • Revenues had fallen below target and are expected to be lower by Khs.16.6billion mainly due to administration of large income tax payers and customs due to reduced oil imports following increased production of geothermal energy;
  • Domestic borrowing - expectations in decline of interest rates resulted in less appetite for Government securities; and 
  • Expenditure pressures – we have received requests for additional funding to cater for emerging priorities related to security operations, forthcoming international conferences and summits, Catholic Nun (Sister Irene) Beatification process, slum upgrading and youth empowerment.
To address the challenges above, Cabinet approved additional spending amounting to Ksh.48.3billion under supplementary No. 2 and approved measures to close the financial gap of Kshs.74.3million. 
  1. Cholera Outbreak as at 21st May, 2015
Cabinet was briefed on status of the cholera outbreak since 26th December, 2014. Cabinet noted that cholera outbreak had so far affected 11 counties. To date a total of 3,234 cases and 65 death have been reported.  Cabinet noted that the contributing factors are:
  • Poor environmental sanitation and hygiene practices, especially in the informal settlement areas of the affected counties;
  • Contaminated water sources resulting from damaged sanitation facilities due to the ongoing heavy rains in some parts of the country;
  • Contaminated food especially in informal settlements.
Cabinet directed the Cabinet Secretary for Health to:
  • Immediately take measures to stem further spread of cholera in the country, and also urged County Governments to institute measures to contain the disease in their respective counties by enhancing health education to members of the public on prevention of cholera outbreaks;
  • Develop a strategy for control of cholera in country by incorporating all the counties since the management of health is a devolved function.  
  • Finalize risk mapping of the affected counties;


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