On January 9, 2019 In Statements and Speeches

Staff and Members of St. John, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, It is a great pleasure to be with you at this 87th St. John Inspection Parade, as you take stock of the achievements that St. John has made in the past year. St John Ambulance is popularly known in Kenya for its rich history of helping vulnerable people, and I am pleased to be involved with the organization. I take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers and staff of St. John for the vital services you have continued to offer to members of the public. I know that volunteers of St. John sacrifice a lot of their time, skills, and money in helping people during emergencies. Your spirit of service to humanity reflects the essence of Christian ministry. It is very true that service to others not only gives life a greater meaning, but it also unites the diverse people of Kenya. Any work carried out in a spirit of service to humanity is considered the highest form of worship. The theme for this parade, which is “promoting access to maternal healthcare”, is at the heart of our Beyond Zero campaign. I am encouraged that St. John has made safe pregnancy one of its top priorities especially your noble aim to cut down the rising maternal deaths through special motorcycle ambulances that ferry women from marginal areas to health facilities. I am also encouraged that St. John Ambulance has established 18 rescue centers at notorious accident black spots across the country to offer emergency medical care to accident victims. Stocked with life support equipment and firefighting gears, the centers will improve the county’s emergency referrals and disaster response. This initiative will also see the number of deaths as a result of delayed ambulance response, or poor handling at accident scenes, drop drastically. We must, as a nation, aim at preventing occurrence of road accidents on our roads by observing regulations and courteous to one another. We must also build capacity of Kenyans to offer prompt and appropriate response to emergencies. St. John is charged with the responsibility of complimenting government departments in offering first aid and health services. I believe these services are even more necessary now more than ever, as our country is experiencing threats from terrorist groups and other calamities which we must be prepared to address. This year alone,  St Johns ambulance came to the aid of more than 10,000 people affected by various emergencies. These include victims of terror attacks, flash floods, collapsing structures and road accidents. To prepare people to deal with some of these emergencies, it is encouraging that close to 18,000 people have benefited from the St John’s lifesaving training across the country. As a parent, I am pleased to see among you young children demonstrating first aid and other skills. Engagement of the young people in different activities and eradication of idleness is very crucial for national development. The life skills developed in young people enable them to become caring, coping and competent citizens who will build strong foundations for our future. I know that St. John depends on the support of donors to run its operations. I take this opportunity to thank all the corporates who have supported your lifesaving charitable missions, and encourage other companies and organizations to also support the worthy cause of St. John. Thank you and God bless you.

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