On January 17, 2019 In Statements and Speeches

Today is difficult. It is difficult seeing even this glimpse of just how far spread the current drought is, and to know the hardship of the families that it has hit and threatened their promise, their potential, their futures.. And yet as hard as that may be, it cannot compare to the actual threat of suffering faced by millions across this country, mothers and children being the most affected. It cannot compare to the anxiety of mothers who feel unsure about what the next few months hold for their babies and for their children. It cannot compare to the distress of mothers and fathers who have watched their livelihoods wrecked by the failed rains. It cannot compare to the confusion of affected children who do not understand exactly what is happening around them and why. But, today is also encouraging. It is encouraging to be here seeing so many Kenyans come together in the face of a tremendous challenge. The Government together the County Governments have moved in with speed to support the affected families. Their efforts have been complemented by many local and international partners. It is encouraging to witness today the spectacular response of the Kenya Red-Cross—along with many other stakeholders—to this crisis. Today we I have witnessed innovative and realistic interventions that are making a difference to many affected families.  And I am confident that more organisations including the private sector will draw on their resources and creative applications to respond to the harsh realities of climate change. Kenyans themselves are pledging to feed families from their own pockets,  They have sent a clear message to those affected by this drought: They stand with you — your struggle has become ours. So in more ways than we can hope to express, today is encouraging. Because today, we are reminded of the generosity and kindness that abounds within our borders, and that is unlocked when we face tough times. We are reminded of how critical and powerful the practice of unity is in overcoming adversity. That we can overcome great and unimaginable trial, and suffering. And so today, we must stand together in honour of our shared humanity and our common citizenship. We must stand together and pledge that we will not—not now – forsake our fellow citizens who need our help and intervention. I, for one, assure everyone here who has been affected by the drought, that my office will continue to support relief efforts and that you will remain on our hearts and on our minds. We will stand with you, and I believe Kenyans will stand with you too. Because we must, as a country, be as we have been before: Kenyans for Kenya. Today, I have no doubt in my mind - that we will be. God bless you all.

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