On November 16, 2018 In Statements and Speeches

Ladies and gentlemen, Indeed it is with great pleasure and honor that I welcome my brother President of the Seychelles on what we have called is first but historic state visit to Kenya. This is the first time in a very long time that we’ve had the opportunity of welcoming a President from the Seychelles here in Kenya and again as we have stated, this marks the beginning of a new chapter in our partnership between our two countries. We’ve had the opportunity this morning, to discuss a number of areas, cooperation for the mutual  benefit of our two countries, our two peoples; areas where we can deepen our cooperation, areas with regard to how Seychelles can support Kenya especially in the development of our blue economy and maritime security. We have discussed and agreed on how we can deepen our partnership in terms of Kenya’s own export of horticulture, meat, poultry and dairy products to the Seychelles. We have discussed and agreed on the need to deepen our partnership in terms of an exchange program both in terms of utilizing the assets that we have for example Kenya Utalii College and partnering also with their counterparts in the Seychelles in terms of Kenya’s ability to export also our teachers to the Seychelles to support the education sector. We have talked about the need for us to deepen our cooperation in tourism, Kenya’s Safari products and Seychelles beach product are well renowned and we have agreed on how need to further deepen the partnership between our two national tourism boards on how we can jointly sell our products as well as the ability to increase flights between Nairobi and Seychelles via KQ and increase cargo potential. So in short, we have opened a new chapter, a new leaf of two countries that have been neighbours and friends, we have talked of the large number of Seychellois who live and are part of Kenyan society, we have talked about also the Kenyan diaspora that is living and working in Seychelles and we said that this people to people exchange, business to business exchange is what we as governments need to facilitate given the fact that it is both our ambitions and intention to ensure that we do everything that we can to deepen regional trade investment and to grow our regional economies by working and collaborating together. In conclusion, I also took the opportunity to thank His Excellency for the partnership and cooperation that our security agencies have received in our fight against piracy, terrorism but most specifically in our fight against the drug trade. It is true through the cooperation that we have had with the Seychelles government and their respective agencies that we have managed to secure some of the successes that we have secured in recent past. And I did take the opportunity to thank the President, to thank his government for that.. for that support. So, Mr. President once again I just take this opportunity to welcome you to Nairobi, to welcome you to Kenya. Please feel at home, please feel amongst your brothers and sisters and I look forward to this beginning of a new chapter in our partnership, a partnership that I believe will be a win-win for our two nations. Welcome once again, Mr. President. I think the second part to that question.. I think one of the things that Kenya has done over the years is really invested  heavily in our human capital with teachers, with engineers, doctors, nurses and Kenya will continue to see how we can enter into arrangements with different countries who can utilize that surplus capacity that Kenya has. Indeed as we are talking now we have a good number of teachers in countries like Rwanda, countries like Namibia, we are hoping to conclude arrangements with countries like Liberia and as you have heard Seychelles. And I think this is something for Kenyans to be proud about, I think we have over the years we have invested in human capital and that human capital is ready, able and qualified to work in other jurisdiction s as well and this is something as a Government will shall continue to encourage Well let me answer the first part and I think in my opening statement, I made it very clear that as a government and as country, we are very appreciative of the deep collaboration between our respective security agencies. Indeed some of the success that we have seen in the past especially in this war against narcotics has been as a result of the cooperation of the two government. We have indeed discussed that this as one area that  we want to deepen cooperation where we can exchange both intelligence, we can exchange ideas as to how to combat a vice both our countries are  very keen to eliminate and indeed as we did discuss in our earlier discussions, we have said that this issue of drug trafficking, the issue of terrorism and piracy are issues that we must combat  that we must deal with firmly and eliminate from our countries so that we are able ultimately  to  focus on the key mission and that key issue is how we can work together for the mutual prosperity of  our peoples, eliminate poverty, create jobs for our people and achieve our social-economic objectives as two Nations. So, key to that will be our ability to ensure that we eliminate these evil trades that have the potential dampening our vision for the future.

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