On January 9, 2019 In Statements and Speeches

STATEMENT BY HIS EXCELLENCY HON. UHURU KENYATTA, C.G.H., PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF KENYA AND COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE DEFENCE FORCES ON VIOLENCE DURING PARTY NOMINATIONS My Fellow Kenyans, It is exactly 109 days to the General Elections as required by our Constitution. At this time, the Jubilee Party and others are at various stages of conducting their primaries in preparation for this event, and participating in Kenya’s vibrant democratic process. I welcome and encourage all citizens to take part in their respective party events and support this democratic tradition we all worked so hard to establish. In so doing, however, let me be clear that I, and my Administration, are concerned that those incidents of chaos and violence that have sometimes featured in such primaries may be repeated. Let me say clearly, again, that such violence will not be tolerated. In recognition and respect of Article 31 of the Elections Act that governs party primaries, our police force have been put at the disposal of all Political Parties to ensure security of all citizens and communities during this exercise. My Government is committed to enforcing the rule of law and ensuring the safety and security of all citizens and communities during these primaries and the General Election in August. A culture of hooliganism during the electoral process must not and will not be allowed to gain currency and acceptance. I would like to assure all members of the Jubilee Party and aspirants that our party has worked hard and invested heavily to ensure a free, fair, transparent and credible primary. Let me emphasize that there are no candidates favored by the Jubilee Party leadership and I will work with the people that the Wananchi elect and together we shall present to the nation our shared vision and agenda. As an Administration, a robust plan that over the next five years will continue to build a new Kenya that is prosperous, achieves further economic growth and delivers quality jobs and services to every Kenyan. I commend and thank the more than 60,000 Jubilee Party officials and staff that have worked hard to prepare the enormous logistics for the primaries and have been deployed in readiness. But I take this opportunity also to warn them that they must conduct themselves with utmost integrity. I am confident that our process will be robust and credible and one that we can all trust and have confidence in. Several measures have been put in place to ensure this credible process that includes ballot papers with pictures and security features. Given the extraordinary measures the Party has put in place in organizing these events, the point of weakness will only be the actions of any unruly aspirant who would wish to subvert this process by engaging in violence. Let anyone that is considering using violence hear me clearly – it will not be tolerated and you will face the consequences. Any aspirant not satisfied with any aspect of the process is encouraged to raise their concerns in a civil manner and use the internal party processes set up to consider and adjudicate on any such concerns. You must absolutely reject engaging in any unruly disruption of the process. Let me be clear and repeat again the party position: any acts of violence will lead to disqualification and misconduct may be subject to penalties under the law in line with the relevant act. In most of the counties we have witnessed the smooth running of party processes. I urge all members of the Jubilee Party to contribute and continue this good example. Let us show everyone how party primaries can and should be conducted – in a calm, professional and civilized manner. I am proud to be the leader of the Jubilee Party, a party that brings every community together, working together in harmony to offer and build a new Kenya. A party that has already shown its clear vision and ability to bring development through our Government. A Government that is implementing programmes and projects that ensure Kenyans of every age can enjoy and access better public services, engage more easily in business, be trained and find higher skilled jobs, to play a part in securing the future of our children and transforming our nation. Your voice counts, your choice matters. I encourage all Jubilee members to come out on Friday, Monday and Tuesday and play your part in our democracy and ensuring the best candidates are selected. Candidates who can be the best leaders in our next Government, National Parliament, and County Assemblies. I take this opportunity to wish all Jubilee Party aspirants the very best of luck. I look forward to campaigning with successful candidates when we present our vision and development plan to the people of Kenya in the upcoming elections. And to those who will lose, I look forward too, to partnering with them to drive our development agenda, for our nation. Together we can win, together we can transform Kenya. Thank you and God Bless our beloved country

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