On January 9, 2019 In Statements and Speeches

QUESTION: Yesterday has been described as totally shambolic. What will you do to prevent a repeat of the same and what went wrong? PRESIDENT KENYATTA: Let me put it this way. As I have stated severally we wanted to ensure that we have a credible and transparent process so we went into a lot of detail including producing proper ballot papers with the pictures of all the candidates, all the aspirants, ensuring that this papers are out. However, the one thing and I repeat again as I said in my statement that we did not take into account, primaries usually do not experience the kind of turnout we saw yesterday. Nobody expected, and that was where I am saying we had a level of under-preparedness, nobody expected the kind of turnout we witnessed yesterday. So we were hit by a huge shortage of voting material and this is what now, from yesterday and today, we have been undertaking to ensure that we have enough material so that every single registered voter in every constituency will now have the opportunity to participate in the rescheduled primaries. So we have taken into account the problems and challenges that we saw and now we are preparing ourselves. Actually, we were doing a primary where ordinarily, and that has been the history, turn out has usually been between 25 and 30 percent. Yesterday in some places there were up to 70 percent, 80 percent and that is why I am saying that is like a general election. So we had to, in order to ensure the will of the people is heard even in places where voting had started we took that decision but because we want our results to truly reflect the will of the people, we decided to cancel it and to ensure that we now have adequate materials so that the true will of the people can be heard in accordance with our Jubilee promise. QUESTION: Swali langu linamlenga Naibu Rais William Ruto. Katika County ya Uasin Gishu kuna lalama kwamba wale walioko kwenye ofisi yake wanachochea kwa kiwango kikubwa jinsi mchujo wa chama cha Jubilee utaweza kufanyika katika county hiyo Governor Mandago akisitiza kwamba baathi ya wafanyi kazi wake wanapendekeza kwamba mpinzani mkuu aweze kuwa ndio chaguo cha chama katika mchujo huo. PRESIDENT KENYATTA: Nataka niseme hivi. Hata hakuna haja ya nimulize aseme mimi ndio nitasema na nitajibu. Msimamo wetu kama viongozi wa chama cha Jubilee ni ya kwamba wananchi wenyewe ndio wako na haki ya kuchagua yule mtu ambao wanamtaka awe mgombeaji katika tikiti ya Jubilee. Kwa hivyo langu ni kwaomba tena wanachi wetu, supporters wetu wa Jubilee tafadhali tusisikie porojo na fununu. Na ninaomba wagombeaji wote kwa heshima kubwa sana tafadhalini tusichukue jambo la kulaumu mtu yeyote. Kila moja wenu ako na uhuru wa kugombania kiti ambacho unachotafuta. Ni wewe na wananchi wako pekee. Kusikuje mtu yeyote ambaye anasema anasimamia mtu fulani.Ndipo juzi, na swali wewe mwenyewe uliniuliza juu ya hapa Nairobi na mimi nikakuambia tunataka mchujo ambao ni wa haki, mchujo amabo ni huru. QUESTION: You have mentioned that you did not expect the turnout, outside there are aspirants and party supporters are disappointed with what took place yesterday. As the party leader are you confident enough with the gentlemen standing behind you, the national elections board and the secretariat, to now handle a new process afresh, a process they failed to handle well in the first place. Secondly how will you handle the fallouts that will come out of this because there are aspirants who are really annoyed and your political opponents are watching. There could be possible fallouts.. PRESIDENT KENYATTA: Let me answer you. I stated that it is not that we were unprepared, we were under-prepared. We were under-prepared for the sheer scale of turnout that was witnessed and therefore we did not have adequate material and that was why we took two key decisions. One being that we cancelled the entire process to ensure that we now move towards upping and taking into account the kind of turnout we witnessed yesterday. And I am confident that this team behind me and an additional backup that we are also putting in place will ensure that we have a credible and transparent process. Rather than play games we said we must keep to our promise and we must keep to our pledge of free, fair and transparent nominations because that is the jubilee pledge. And that is the direction we are moving and we have bolstered and increased even numbers because we know we are dealing with a much larger situation than previously expected. We take this opportunity and I said it again we thank our supporters that despite all those challenges they were largely peaceful and calm. And we are urging them to be patient now so that we can prepare ourselves. We are not interested in what the opposition is doing. Let them run their affairs, we are running our affairs. We are just appealing to our people, be patient and allow us to prepare ourselves so that you can have your say in terms of who shall represent you as a jubilee candidate. I am very proud to be the leader of a party that can have this kind of turnout. Like I am saying it is unprecedented it has never been seen before. The kind of turnout we got virtually in every single constituency was amazing and we thank our supporters for that. We want them and ask them kwa heshima kubwa, be patient with us let us now roll out so that we are able we are able to handle your love for this party. So that we are able to accommodate you and your wish in terms of who shall be your candidate. We thank the aspirants also for the incredible maturity that they showed. Many of them who participated were also working with us to see how they could go and overcome some of the challenges. I thank them for that. Please, given that let, us be patient and let us prepare so that can have a process that aspirants will be happy with and will express the will of the majority of Jubilee supporters.

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