Spokesperson’s Weekly Briefing, State House Nairobi, 23 April 2017

On November 16, 2018 In Statements and Speeches

Good afternoon from Nairobi. Laikipia The President condemns the attack on Laikipia Nature Conservancy Director Kuki Gallmann, who was shot and wounded by raiders on her ranch. Ms Gallmann has been airlifted to Nairobi for medical attention and she is in a stable condition. The Inspector-General of Police will issue a detailed statement on the incident and how security agents are responding to it. But the President wants to take this opportunity to warn politicians in the area not to inflame temperatures through reckless rhetoric. Politicians encouraging invasions of privately-owned property or attacks on individuals can expect strong deterrent action in terms of the law. Thwake Dam Much has been written and said about the development of Thwake Dam in the last couple of weeks, resulting in some of the questions you have asked The President confirms that the construction of this dam remains one of his key priorities as he seeks to improve service delivery to the people that will benefit from its water supply. Access to clean water to families across the country is a key desire of the President and he will do everything possible to ensure this is done. Thwake is therefore an important part of delivering on this goal Challenges related to procurement and others are being resolved and  the Ministry responsible for water and irrigation is working hard to ensure any time lost  in undertaking the project can be recouped as soon as possible. Delivery Projects in Nairobi County Let me speak to some of the development projects here in the County of Nairobi. In terms of devolved funds, the amount of money transferred to Nairobi County since 2013 is KSh 41.59 billion whereas the CDF allocation in the same period stands at KSh 5.69 billion, implying that a large chunk of cash has been available to help grow the county — and hopefully the Governor and MPs from here invested the money well in projects that lift the lives of the residents. In relation to the Digital Literacy Programme (DLP), Nairobi County has received 7,320 tablets in 114 primary schools. On the Free Maternity Services Programme, there were a total number  of deliveries 138,209 since June 2013 here in Nairobi County. In regards to social inclusion, there have been a total of 53,617 beneficiaries of the Women Enterprise Fund, at a cost of KSh 434,648,000. In regards to Youth Enterprise Development Fund, a total of 66,605 people have benefitted from the fund, at a cost of KSh 334,013,494, whereas in relation to the Uwezo Fund, 37,505 people have benefited, this at a cost of KSh 260,836,178. Monies given in reference to social inclusion improves the livelihood and welfare of these families, guarantees they lead a diplomatic life and promote the growth of SMEs. In regard to improved access through roads construction, a number of projects have been completed. These include the construction of Sewerage–Ruai–Bypass Link Road, rehabilitation and upgrading of First Avenue Eastleigh and General Waruinge Roads (phase 1) rehabilitation and upgrading of Langata Road (KWS Gate to Bomas Section), among others. Other roads and infrastructure projects that are currently ongoing include the rehabilitation and upgrading of Eastleigh Roads (phase 2), the Nairobi Outering Road Improvement Project, the dualling of Ngong Road (Phase 1), the construction to bitumen standard of Waiyaki Way – Redhill Link Road, and the construction of the access to Embakasi (Infinity) Industrial Park, the rehabilitation and upgrading of Upper Hill Roads, (Phase 1). Party Primaries The President’s call is on all Kenyans to abhor violence and to warn that any individuals who resort to violence to resolve challenges related to party primaries will be dealt within in terms go the law. Specific questions related to the Jubilee Party can be addressed to the Party itself.

Congratulations to Bishop Anthony Muheria

President Kenyatta has congratulated Bishop Anthony Muheria on his appointment as the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Nyeri.

Nairobi 23 April 2017

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