On February 11, 2019 In Statements and Speeches

Good morning fellow Kenyans.  Today is a sad day for Kenya and all our people. We lost a gallant officer, an officer who has for the most part of his life served with total dedication and love for his country. Maj General Joseph Nkaissery was a man who believed in this country, believed in the principles and foundation on which this country was built. A man who dedicated most of his life to serving this great nation. I personally have lost a friend, a colleague, whom as late as yesterday we spent part of the day praying together for peace for this country, whom as late as 9.30 last night we were discussing issues pertaining and relating to peace, to unity in this country. Indeed on one of his last notes he spent discussing his great passion, which was Kenya’s preparedness for the Junior Athletics (IAAF U18 Championships) that is supposed to commence in the next few days. I take this opportunity to offer my personal condolences to his family, his wife and children in particular, to his friends, the Maa community, who have lost a great leader in their community. I call on Kenyans across the political divide to mourn in peace and to uphold his singular mission of a peaceful united Kenya. More details will be given out in the course of the day as with the circumstances of this unfortunate and untimely death. But even as we wait for those results of the postmortem so that we can all properly understand the cause of death, I ask Kenyans to be calm, I ask Kenyans to be united. Let me at this point, because this untimely death also comes at a critical time in Kenya’s history as we approach the General Election, we have also had the opportunity to have a National Security Council meeting this morning to assess the security situation in the country, and I wish to take this opportunity to reassure all Kenyans that our nation is secure. That our security forces are doing everything they can to ensure our nation’s borders and our people are secure. We have had an unfortunate incident this morning that we are currently assessing and addressing. But I take this opportunity to inform Kenyans there shall be no vacuum in securing our country. I have taken this morning the decision to appoint Dr Fred Matiang’i acting minister (Acting Cabinet Secretary) for Internal Security to ensure there is no vacuum. I wish to assure Kenyans and all our friends of good faith that Kenya is secure and I wish to take this opportunity also to let those who wish to see a destabilized Kenya, an unsettled Kenya, that we are strong and we are ready.  May God bless this beautiful  country of Kenya, our people and may God give our friend and colleague Maj Gen Joseph Nkaissery eternal peace. I thank you.

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