On March 14, 2019 In Statements and Speeches

Our Destiny with August 8 Is Enshrined In Our Constitution We are surprised and shocked at the baseless and laughable allegations made by one of the President’s challengers on 11th July 2017.  The wild assertions are intended to wilfully undermine public confidence in our democratic system required to ensure an incident-free, fair, transparent and credible electoral process where the will of Kenyans is exercised. In his many meet–the–people tours and re–election campaign stops across the country, His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta has been, and continues to be on record that he shall accept the will of Kenyan voters on August 8th 2017, whatever that may be. While the President has been campaigning across the country for his re–election to retain leadership and continue transforming Kenya, his opponent and his cronies continue to work hard to attempt to derail preparations for the August 8th elections. It should be noted that they have so far filed more than 30 cases in our courts of law, which we believe to be frivolous and without merit, all aimed at influencing, dictating and even stopping the elections from happening. At the same time, they continue to make demands without reason or logic, with the most recent one being that they must be included in the tender committee to procure ballot papers for the forthcoming elections.  Common sense dictates that there is no bigger interference on the independence of IEBC, than that of dictating how, when and where they run their affairs. The one statement that Kenyans are demanding of all candidates in the elections – from MCA to President – is a commitment and promise to the country that they will accept the results of elections on August 8th – the will of Kenyan people. Those who call themselves architects of democracy in our country would be expected to understand this. There are four fundamental matters to make clear.  
  1. President Kenyatta has repeatedly reassured Kenyans and the IEBC of his commitment to elections are on 8 August 2017 as determined by law.
  2. The President has committed to peaceful, free, fair, transparent and credible elections.
  3. President Kenyatta is a staunch supporter of our democratic institutions and has supported them fully, including politically and through the fiscal process.
  4. The President has publicly unequivocally committed to accepting election results.
We find allegations contrary by his opponents to be mischievous, baseless and absolutely laughable. We would like to categorically state that the groundless claims that there is a strategy in place to manipulate the elections amounts to an inciteful and reckless conspiracy that jeopardises vital public faith in our institutions and democratic processes. We would urge that all media houses seek to rigorously challenge such proclamations and apply due diligence in the publication of inflammatory remarks in line with their responsibility to serve the public interest. I plead with media houses not to accept opposition hogwash without question. It is now imperative that former prime minister Raila Odinga and other opposition challengers reassure the people of Kenya that they will categorically pledge acceptance of the results of the 2017 Presidential ballot and will seek to ensure that the elections take place as gazetted on 8th August by doing all within their power to assist in delivering a peaceful, transparent and timely vote next month.   Manoah Esipisu, MBS State House Spokesperson   13 July 2017

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