President Kenyatta Leads Kenyans In Eulogising Late Biwott As A True Patriot

On April 17, 2019 In Latest News

KEIYO, 20 July 2017 (PSCU) – President Uhuru Kenyatta has eulogised the late Cabinet Minister Nicholas Biwott as a true patriot and a dependable leader who was served the country with devotion.   The President said he worked closely with the former Cabinet Minister who proved to be very practical in his approach to public service management.   “I worked under him when he was the Tourism Minister and I was the Chairman of Kenya Tourism Board. I can attest to the fact that he was thorough in his performing his job,” said the President.   President Kenyatta was speaking during the funeral service of the late Kipyator Nicholas Kiprono Biwott which was held at Maria Soti Girls’ Centre at Kaptarakwa in Keiyo, Elgeyo/Marakwet County.   The late Minister was laid to rest at his home in Toot, Elgeiyo/Marakwet County.   President Kenyatta called on Kenyans to refrain from propagating falsehoods and hurtful untruths about leaders who have contributed immensely to the economic growth and social stability of the country.   “When the history of this country is written, it will include many men and women in this country who quietly but firmly and confidently are responsible for what Kenya is today – a sound country, a stable country with a growing economy. And Nicholas Biwott is one of those people,” said the President.   “It is very sad for people to propagate untruths about others, they should know that they have families,” he added.   The President, who was accompanied by Deputy President William Ruto, said leaders can compete politically without telling lies about their opponents.   He assured the widow, Hannie Biwott, and the family of his support during these difficult times.   “Take courage, nobody throws stones to a tree which doesn’t bear fruit, Biwott would be remembered for generations to come for his great contribution,” the President told the widow and mourners attending the funeral service.   Deputy President Ruto said the late Biwott was a dependable and loyal leader who served the country with dignity and passion.   He said the late Biwott was a forthright person who served diligently under former President Daniel Arap Moi.   “We have had a testimony that he was a very dependable friend to Daniel Moi, our former President. And when the history of the Moi Presidency is written, there will be several chapters about Nicholas Biwott,” said the Deputy President.   He said the late Minister was a hardworking Kenyan who performed his duties with determination and excellence.   “It has been said here that he served several dockets as Minister. if you go to the ministries he served, you will find Nicholas Biwott’s footprints. There are people who go to ministries and they come out without a record of what they did,” said the Deputy President.   At the time of his death, the late Biwott had served as a civil servant, Member of Parliament for Keiyo South for 28 years in additions to serving as a Cabinet Minister under President Moi’s Government.   Cabinet Secretaries, Governors, MPs, businessmen and wananchi from all walks of life attended the burial ceremony.  

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