On February 11, 2019 In Statements and Speeches

Good evening everybody. Once again I take this opportunity to, as I said, thank God for favour, for seeing us through that grueling campaign. I also take the same opportunity to once again thank Kenyans, from every single corner of Kenya, we managed to engage with as we traversed this country in different campaigns. I want to thank them for turning out in large numbers on the 8th. I want to thank them for voting peacefully and I want to thank them for allowing us and giving us an opportunity to lead this country for another five years.

I take the opportunity also to thank the IEBC commissioners and all the staff who had to work grueling hours amidst a lot of difficulty, as you are all aware, but they still managed to pull off a free, fair and transparent election. And to them, my heartiest congratulations.

I would also once again like to thank all our Jubilee supporters, the secretariat, our party secretariat under the guidance of our Secretary-General Raphael Tuju who also pooled many hours to ensure a successful campaign.

I thank all our security men and women who also had to pool long hours to ensure that Kenyans exercised their democratic rights, Kenyans were safe. We thank them for a job well done and we are grateful to you.

As I said earlier, we also want to thank all the international observers, both the long term ones and others who came towards the end, for being there with us and ensuring that our processes were handled in the right manner.

I would like to also thank our families who also had to endure long hours, our two wives here who have as much as we have traversed the country also campaigning. We are truly grateful to you for everything you have done. Asanteni sana jameni. Asanteni sana.

Let me conclude by saying as I have said severally. One, I extend a hand of friendship to our older brother Raila Amolo Odinga, all his supporters and also congratulate all those who won various positions on the NASA tickets. This is a competition like any other. Competitions do not result in enmity. We need and must continue to work together for the welfare of our people and in order to keep this country united and together.

Mine is to say that we reach out to you. We reach out to your supporters and say that in any competition there will always be winners and losers. And I believe in a true democracy like Kenya that all Kenyans are winners. All of us are winners, there is no loser.

As a Government, we will serve equally all those who voted for us and all those who did not vote for us because we respect the ability as enshrined in our Constitution that every Kenyan has the right to vote for his or her choice and that democratic right does not get punished at the end of it.

We will serve all 45 million Kenyans equally because that is the only way we can ensure equitable, fair prosperity for our country. We will continue to roll out our programmes across the country without any bias, without any favour, serving all Kenyans because it is their right to be served by their Government.

So, I once reach out to all those in the opposition, who will be in the opposition. Let us work together for the betterment of this country.

We will always have an open and listening ear. We are not intending to be combative in any manner whatsoever. We are open to suggestions because it is said that there is no one single mind that can dominate all. We want to listen to your ideas, take on board the good ideas that you have and share also the ideas that we have for this country so that together we can create a prosperous, stable, secure nation for 45 million citizens.

Lastly, again as I have said severally, I take this opportunity once again to call upon all Kenyans to exercise the same peace and tranquility that we have seen before and during these elections. Your neighbour will always be your neighbour and we cannot fight over an election. We have seen the results of political violence and I am certain that there is no single Kenyan who would wish for us to go back to those days.

We have been neighbours, we have been brothers, we have been sisters. Elections will come and go. There will be another in five years time, people will compete again but Kenya will always be here and Kenya belongs to all of us. We have no other country to call home but Kenya.

So mine is to ask the supporters of all different groups, those who won, those who lost, reach out to one another. Extend a hand of friendship, of love and recognize that you are more important than any political agenda. Your neighbour will always be your neighbour. Let us shun violence and let us refuse to be used for short-term political gain that can only cost our country pain and grief in the longer term.

Friends, once again mine is to thank all Kenyans and to once again say asante for giving me and my Administration another opportunity to lead this country, to continue with the development agenda that we have started. To continue with the vision that we have for this great nation.

  We are indebted and mine is to promise you that I shall do everything in my power to ensure that I leave this country a much better place than I found it. May God bless Kenya. May God bless our people. Asanteni sana.

Si ni namna hiyo jameni. Sasa maswali, maswali ni gani.

(President answers question from a reporter)

My immediate assignment like I said first and foremost is to ensure that this country remains united, that this country works together because as I said we need every single Kenyan and we must be. And we must shun division. So mine will be just that constant call for peace, for unity, in order for us to be able to achieve our agenda. Kenyans working together regardless of our ethnicity, our religion, regardless of our colour, we are all Kenyans and we need one another and I believe that is the greatest mission I have. Thank you very much.

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