President Kagame’s Inauguration

On October 20, 2018 In Statements and Speeches

Spokesperson’s Office State House, Nairobi 17 August 2017 President Uhuru Kenyatta will travel to Kigali tomorrow morning for a one-day visit. The occasion is the inauguration of President Paul Kagame, after his re-election in Rwanda's 4 August poll. President Kenyatta congratulates the people of Rwanda for choosing decisively and democratically; and he congratulates President Kagame for the trust Rwandans have shown in him. The President will attend the inauguration to show Kenya's solidarity with the people of Rwanda, and their government. Kenya and Rwanda have long been allies and friends. President Kagame's re-election renews that friendship and alliance, and we look forward to working together on matters of regional security, regional integration, and infrastructure.   Manoah Esipisu State House Spokesperson

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