Reject The Opposition’s False Tribal Narrative, President Kenyatta Urges Kenyans

On October 19, 2018 In Latest News

SAMETA, KIsii County, 5 October 2017, (PSCU) — President Uhuru Kenyatta today censured the opposition for spreading false tribal narratives to hoodwink Kenyans. The President said the opposition is controlled by a small clique of self-serving individuals who constantly engage in propaganda to deceive Kenyans. Speaking in Sameta in Kisii County, the President pointed out that those leading the opposition have been deceiving the people of Kisii and Nyamira. The President challenged the opposition to show any individual from the Abagusii in their own leadership structure instead of engaging in falsehoods about Jubilee. He said the Abagusii are well represented in the top government hierarchy and have also benefited from the development initiatives implemented by the Jubilee Government over the last four and half years. “The most powerful Cabinet Secretary in the Government who controls the most power after me and my deputy comes from this region,” said the President in reference to Internal Security Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi who is also the Cabinet Secretary for Education. The President also pointed out that the chairman of the Central Bank of Kenya is Mohamed Nyaoga who hails from the Abagusii region. Other senior government officials from the Abagusii whom the President cited included the Commissioner of Prisons and the Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya Bureau of Standards. The President also said the Jubilee Party nominated Millicent Omanga as Senator and that adds to the many facts that shame the opposition whenever they claim that the Abagusii are not well represented in Jubilee Government. “Let them tell us any person from this region who holds a senior position in the opposition,” said the President as he urged Kenyans to reject politics built on tribal incitement. “Are we going to be misled by politics of deception or are we going to be led by politics of development and agenda that will allow us to make progress,” said the President. The President also welcome senior politicians who decamped to the Jubilee Party to rally behind his re-election in the October 26 poll. The leaders who joined the President’s re-election team included two governor candidates, 4 senator candidates and six women rep candidates. They included Isaac Onchogwa who contested for the Kisii senatorship, Edgar Onsongi, Richard Atemba who also ran for Senator seat on Kenya National Congress ticket among others.   Deputy President William Ruto said the fresh elections will give President Kenyatta an opportunity to win majority votes in Kisii County, which was one of the handful of counties where he did not command a wide majority. The Deputy President said the President won in Nyamira and got huge votes in Kisii because the Abagusii chose development and progress instead of the tribal propaganda peddled by the opposition. “We won the August 8th elections because Kenyans voted for progress. Here in Kisii more than 500 kilometers of tarmac road are being constructed. We increased homes with electricity from 13,000 in 2013 to 60,000 within four yeas,” said the DP. The Deputy President added that the number of people who receive cash aid under the Government’s social welfare program was raised from 7,500 in 2013 to 24,000 within four years. Leaders including former Senator Chris Obure and former chairman of the Constitutional Implementation Commission Charles Nyachae said President Kenyatta is assured of winning more votes in Kisii and Nyamira Counties in the fresh poll. In the August 8 election, President Kenyatta garnered 52.07 percent (106,894) of the votes in Nyamira County while in Kisii he got 43.2 percent (175,415) of the votes. The President and his deputy are scheduled to address three more rallies in Kisii and Nyamira this afternoon,

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