Stop Destroying Kenya’s Economy For Your Selfish Gain, President Kenyatta Tells Raila

On November 16, 2018 In Latest News

Stop destroying Kenya’s economy for your selfish gain, President Kenyatta tells Raila MERU, 6 OCTOBER 2017, (PSCU) — President Uhuru Kenyatta today told opposition presidential candidate Raila Odinga to stop destroying the country’s economy for his selfish interest. The President called on the opposition leader to stop putting his personal interest before the interests of 45 million Kenyans. The President, who spoke in reaction to the destruction in Kisumu today of private property, including a supermarket, and water supply system of the lakeside town, said Raila should take responsibility for the damage being caused to the economy through his actions. “You can go on with your demonstrations but do not destroy the property of Kenyans. Today a supermarket was destroyed in Kisumu. What wrong did the owner of the supermarket commit? The water supply in Kisumu was also destroyed. Is that the development that the Kenyan people want?,” said the President. Speaking in Meru town, where he wrapped up his tour of the populous county today, President Kenyatta said Raila should be mindful of the interest of the Kenyan people and should engage in politics that does not jeopardise the nation’s wellbeing. “I am telling Raila not to jeopardise the economy because that is what brings the taxes that fund services for Kenyans. Do not let your interest defeat the interest of 45 million Kenyans,” said the President. The President said the opposition leader was encouraging activities that are hurting the economy of the country because he is not ready for election and hopes to force the creation of a coalition government where he can be accommodated. “Do not hope for a nusu mkate (coalition administration). Our constitution says that if you want to form government to lead Kenyans you must get the approval of voters through an election,” said the President. He said the opposition was bringing up endless demands before the October 26 fresh presidential election because they know Kenyans will reject them as they did in the August 8 poll that was nullified. Deputy President William Ruto said the leading figures of the opposition are anti-democracy even though they claim to be democratic. “You are not democrats of any shed. You have all the signs of dictators,” said the DP. He said the list of institutions and issues the opposition has said it has trouble with is endless starting with commissioners of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), the IEBC secretariat, the contract for printing of ballots, the contract for ICT for the election and even Parliament. “Now they have said they have a problem even with Legislators who are conducting their Constitutional mandates. Are they democrats of any shade? If you are opposed to everything then you are a dictator,” said the DP while addressing the rally in Meru town. During the tour of the county, the President and his deputy were accompanied by Governor Kiraitu Murungi as well as former governor Peter Munya. Kiraitu and Munya have resolved their differences and are jointly campaign ing for President Kenyatta ahead of the October 26election. The President also said he appreciated his growing support base with the numerous defections from the opposition ranks to Jubilee. During the tour, a popular businessman who has been the face of the opposition in Meru announced that he has resolved to support President Kenyatta. Mike Mutembei popularly known as Makarina said “he has closed the only shop Nasa had in Meru” and President Kenyatta should expect to get 100 percent of the votes from the county.

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