President Mourns Yvonne Wamalwa

On October 20, 2018 In Latest News

NAIROBI, 25th January 2018, (PSCU)—President Uhuru Kenyatta has mourned the late Yvonne Wamalwa describing her as an outstanding woman who served the country with dedication and commitment.


The late Yvonne who was wife to the late Vice President Michael Kijana Wamalwa passed on this morning.


President Kenyatta said the late Mrs. Wamalwa who once served as Kenya’s Deputy High Commissioner in Australia demonstrated high level of discipline in her service to the country.


“The passing of Yvonne has robbed us the selfless leader who was a role model in her community and in the nation. Hers was servanthood leadership,” the President said

“As an ambassador, it was always about the interests of Kenya. She served with distinction," the President added.

The late Yvonne Wamalwa has been involved in various charitable and advocacy activities aimed at supporting the vulnerable in society.

Vice President Michael Wamalwa who served under President Kibaki died on August 2003.

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