UN Goodwill Ambassador, Ms Bingbing, Says Wants To Work With First Lady

On September 25, 2018 In Latest News

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta today held a meeting with UNEP Global Goodwill Ambassador Ms Li Bingbing where they discussed working together in improving the welfare of communities and promoting peaceful co-existence between humans and wildlife.
The First Lady and Ms Bingbing met in Beijing at the sidelines of the 2018 summit of the Forum on the China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC),  which kicked off today. Ms Bingbing, a celebrity who recently co-starred in the movie blockbuster,  ‘The Meg’ expressed her desire to collaborate with the First Lady in implementing advocacy projects in Kenya in collaboration with the First Lady. The Chinese celebrity spoke glowingly of Kenya and the Samburu Community among whom she worked during her last visit to Kenya. The First Lady extended an invitation to the Goodwill Ambassador to visit Kenya and said that she would be willing to collaborate with her in advocacy programs especially those related to environmental conservational and saving elephants. “We must continue to advocate and remind people again and again about the importance of wildlife,’’ said the First Lady, as she commended Ms Bingbing’s efforts as goodwill ambassador for the past 10 years. Ms Bingbing, runs and advocacy called “Say no to ivory” similar to the First Lady’s “Hands off our elephants” program.

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