Let’s Emulate The Late Kamaru By Using Our Talents To Unite Kenyans, President Kenyatta

On October 11, 2018 In Latest News

President Uhuru Kenyatta today led hundreds of mourners among them top Kenyan political leaders at the burial ceremony of Kikuyu benga musician Joseph Kamaru Macharia where speakers eulogised the late as a true patriot who used his talent to unite Kenyans. In their moving speeches at the funeral ceremony held at Muthithi Secondary School, the clergy and the cross section of leaders eulogised the late Kamaru as a legend whose music touched the lives of many not only in Kenya but in East and Central Africa. President Kenyatta said the late musician was keen on uniting the people of Kenya since the beginning of his long career. “First he taught us about unity. That without unity we cannot move forward as a nation,” said President Kenyatta. The Head of State challenged Kenyans to jealously guard their unity as a nation saying, the country will not achieve its true position among respected global nations unless Kenyans purpose to work together in unity. He said competitive politics should not be the cause of animosity between different communities but should instead help the citizens build a strong and respected country “Kenya will never achieve her true position in the community of respected nations unless we come together, we bring our respective strengths together, unless we respect one another,” said the President. President Kenyatta said the building bridges initiative is aimed at finding permanent solutions to challenges facing Kenyans. “We must sit down as Kenyans and seek to know where the rain started beating us, such that we shed blood and destroy property because of politics,” the President said. "We must know the root cause and come with proper solutions. Even if we wouldn’t have achieved much, we must ensure Kenyans live in peace and unity forever even 100 years after we are gone," he added. The President pointed out that it is through unity that the country can be able to develop quality health facilities and attract investors who will put up factories thereby creating job opportunities for the growing population. Deputy President William Ruto eulogized the late musician as a national hero who composed songs aimed at building a strong nation. The Deputy President challenged Kenyans to emulate the late musician by building strong bonds of unity to achieve greater heights of development. “All of us can bear witness on what Kamaru did. He has left a legacy by mentoring many in music, we should all emulate him,” said DP Ruto. The Deputy President said he fully supports the building bridges initiative, which he said began in 2012 when he joined hands with President Kenyatta with the sole aim of uniting Kenyans. “ We commend you Mr. President that you have taken this initiative ahead and brought in the former Prime Minister. Now we are together talking about development and progress. Your Excellency, you have our qualified support. As your Deputy, I will support you to the end,” said the Deputy President. Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga said the late Kamaru used his musical talent to teach people about morality and unity. The former Prime Minister said the building bridges initiative has nothing to do with the 2022 politics stating that his famous 'handshake' with President Kenyatta on the steps of Harambee House was aimed  at uniting all Kenyans. “My brother and I have purposed to unite Kenyans. The unity of Kenyans is what defeated colonialists,” said the former PM. He said it is unfortunate that after independence, tribalism took root, pointing out that the building bridges initiative seeks to bring to an end divisiveness and tribalism amongst Kenyans. Other leaders who spoke at the burial ceremony among them Murang’a Governor Mwangi wa Iria said the highly celebrated and gifted musician encouraged many to explore their talents thereby building a strong music industry, which has continued to grow and evolve in the country. The late Kamaru was buried at his Kaharati home in Kigumo, Murang'a County.

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