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Ladies and Gentlemen, Fellow Kenyans, Let me begin with a special word of thanks to the people of Nyeri, who have welcomed us so warmly, but also take this opportunity to once again to pass our condolence to the people of this great county, who have lost their leader, Governor Gachagua, and to say that we stand with you at this difficult time. Fellow Kenyans, We are also happy and encouraged to see so many of our young men and women today — young Kenyans who are full of energy and patriotism, ready to serve their country that has given them and us so much. We are joined today by their proud parents and guardians, their loved ones and their friends. I say to the parents and guardians that I am grateful to you all for the love and support you have shown these young men and women: But more importantly, I am grateful to you for allowing them to join the Police Service and to help to secure the lives and property of their fellow countrymen. Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, Those passing out today have endured the rigors of nine months of training, which has turned them into disciplined officers. Throughout, they showed great skill and dedication. All of us are here today because of these young people — we are here to celebrate their achievement, and to share a little advice with these young patriots, but in the end, the day belongs to these grandaunts. So let me speak to you directly as you pass out today, and are posted to different parts of the country, we expect you to execute your mandate as professionally as you were trained. I expect you to maintain the highest standards of discipline, integrity, and dedication to duty. Look around you: look at your parents and friends who are here with you today. Make sure that your service in the Force does not let them down, especially after they have given so much for you. Again, don’t let down Kenya your country. This country has educated you, and now it has given you the critical responsibility of protecting lives and property of your fellow Kenyans. There are few responsibilities as heavy as this one. Discharge it to the very best of your abilities, and do not let down the Nation that has given you so much. In saying so, I may sound stern; in fact, I am confident that each of you will uphold your motto of ‘Utumishi kwa Wote,’ affirmed by the “Oath of Office”, which you have taken before God, before your parents, and before your country. The truth of the matter is that I believe in you. I do believe in your patriotism. I do believe in your integrity. I do believe in your spirit of service. That is why I am confident that you will be true to your training, and more so to your oath of office. I know, also, that you have before you many good examples. You are joining a profession which counts many unsung heroes in its ranks. Many of your elders in the service have laid their lives in the line of duty for Kenya. These men and women are the examples you should emulate; I am sure you will. Ladies and Gentlemen, A year ago, I had the pleasure of presiding over the passing out of more than 3,000 officers at this same grounds. Many of them are already fully embedded in the service. You who are passing out today are part of the cadre of 10,000 young men and women whom the National Police Service recruited last year, and who are scheduled to pass out in the next two weeks from our various Police Training Colleges. Ladies and Gentlemen, You will recall that in previous recent pass-outs, I promised to add another 10,000 officers so that we can ensure Kenyans are fully safe. This year we will be recruiting an additional 10,000 service men bringing the number to approximately 40,000 servicemen and women who have been recruited over the last four years. In this regard, we have been working hard to achieve the United Nations’ recommended benchmark ratio of one policeman or woman to every 450 civilians. That number has been found to be a useful benchmark for measuring the strength and ability of the Force to its people. Today, it is my pleasure to point out that once we have added the recruits graduating today and once they enter the service, our ratio as a country will stand at 1 to 380, a significant achievement when compared with where we were in 2013, that is, 1 policeman to 1,000 civilians. That additional strength means that the National Police Service will now be able to offer better services, deploy more efficiently and cover much more ground. These new officers will enter a service whose conditions and terms of service have been very substantially improved. Ladies and Gentlemen, We remain committed as a Government, to our police modernization programme. We have expended substantial sums of money to bring in modern equipment, so that our officers can fight crime effectively. We have new armoured cars, new planes, and new surveillance facilities, new vehicles — all for the purpose of empowering our officers to effectively do their job of keeping every part of this country safe. Equally, to motivate the morale of our police officers, we have taken a number of measures to improve their welfare. Today, Police Officers and their immediate family members are enjoying a comprehensive medical cover, in addition to the group life insurance that has been available for three years now. Additionally, a number of housing projects are under implementation to provide new homes for you, and to improve the quality of the older ones. Let me conclude my remarks by reiterating my Administration’s commitment to even do more to empower our police service. But let us agree today, in return for all this investment, the Police Service will too need to do its part: re-dedicate itself to the ideal of “Utumishi Kwa Wote”. This is the only thing that your fellow Kenyans want in return. I, as your President, believe in you; I believe you can and will serve to that standard. So go forth, and serve your motherland with total dedication. Thank you and God bless you all.

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