Four Political Parties Endorse President Kenyatta’s Re-election Ahead Of Jubilee NDC

On May 6, 2017 In Latest News

Four political parties endorse President Kenyatta’s re-election ahead of Jubilee NDC NAIROBI, 6th May 2017, (PSCU)— Four major political parties today endorsed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election bid for his second term. Maendeleo Chap Chap, Nark Kenya, KANU and Economic Freedom Party endorsed the President’s re-election at colourful ceremonies held in Nairobi. First to endorse the President was Maendeleo Chap Chap, which held its National Delegates Conference at its headquarters in Lavington. The party chairman, Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua said Kenyans are proud of what the Jubilee Administration has done and that’s why his party supports President Kenyatta’s re-election. He singled out major infrastructure development which includes road construction, electricity connections and the free maternity programme as some of the development programmes which have changed the face of the country and uplifted the lives of all citizens. “As a party we decided to give you opportunity to continue with the work you begun. Kenya has changed and Kenyans want a score card. We have seen your score card” said the Machakos Governor. NARC Kenya held its NDC at the PCEA St Andrews Church in Nairobi where party leader Martha Karua said they took the decision to back President Kenyatta because his policies benefit Kenyans. “We have made a conscious decision as a people who have been in both teams to join your team. It is not accidental but we looked at which team will bring benefits to all Kenyans,” said the NARC Kenya leader. The President then attended the National Delegates Conference of KANU where delegates unanimously adopted a proposal by party chairman Gideon Moi to support the President’s re-election. Mr Moi said the party took the decision to support President Kenyatta so that he can continue implementing policies that benefit and change the lives of Kenyans. “It is important for us that you leave behind a good legacy of changing lives and we will stand with you,” said the Baringo Senator. KANU secretary General Nick Salat said party members will campaign for and support President Kenyatta to win the upcoming election. President Kenyatta attended the parties’ conventions where he assured them that he will work closely with them to build a strong, united and prosperous nation. The President noted that unlike the opposition, Jubilee believes in the fundamental principle of uniting Kenyans to develop the country and ensure prosperity for all. “Our objective is bigger than those of our competitors whose only aim is to get jobs for four guys,” said the President. “It is unfortunate that four men who have been in government for a combined total of 100 years are still not aware of the challenges facing Kenyans and what they want is to share leadership positions amongst themselves,” President Kenyatta said as he addressed 3,500 Maendeleo ChapChap delegates in Nairobi. “Inclusivity is not about giving jobs to four people but about the livelihood of over 40 million Kenyans,” the President said when he addressed KANU delegates at the Kasarani Gymnasium. Speaking to over 3500 NARC Kenya delegates, President Kenyatta reiterated that no country can develop and achieve prosperity without unity and peace amongst its citizens. “We cannot develop as a country if we are divided along tribal and religious lines. I believe God gave us one country so that we can celebrate our diversity and use it to share our prosperity together,” said President Kenyatta. The President called for Kenyans to maintain peace and order even as the country gears for the next polls in three months’ time. “As we go for another election in three months’ time, my prayer is we compete on policies. We might have different opinions but our differences should not lead us into shedding blood,” the president said. At all the conventions he attended the President urged supporters to preach peace and unity. “Let us be people who preach peace even as we propagate our policies,” said President Kenyatta. The fourth party to endorse the President was the Economic Freedom Party, which held its convention at the Nyayo Stadium. The President dressed delegates and members of the Economic Freedom Party assuring them of his desire to work together with all those who will be elected in the coming polls. “I am happy that you have taken the decision that EFP and Jubilee will work together,” said the President as he assured party candidates and supporters that he will work with those elected by the people. The party’s resolution to support the President was read by the EFP Secretary General Abudllahi Abdinoor Gessey. On the request by EFP leaders, the President also said he will hold discussion with security officials over the curfew in Mandera County. The President said the curfew will be reviewed to allow the residents of the town to be free to move during the month of Ramadhan which will begin soon.

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