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Fellow Kenyans, Today I celebrate our Resilience as a Nation. I celebrate the Resilience of our Democracy, the Resilience of our People and the Resilience of Our Institutions. Any other country experiencing the Turns and Twists of our recent electoral process, would have burst asunder. But our democratic resilience will NOT tire. It will not give in to obvious provocations and a base invitation to politics of darkness. And for this Blessing of reason, long-suffering and passion for country, I thank God. He has brought us this far, he will give us victory over darkness, tomorrow. Fellow Kenyans On 8th of August, Kenyans woke up early to Vote. And they voted me their President, without a doubt. When my victory was put to test at the Supreme Court, this was the Verdict. The Court did not Challenge my overwhelming mandate of 54%. The numbers were NEVER questioned. What the Court questioned was the process of declaring my victory. And because the court did not question my victory, they by extension, validated my 54% numbers. This was a Political Paradox. In spite of this paradox, I had to make a painful decision. The choice for me was to resist the paradox and insist on my valid victory; or to submit myself to the Rule of Law. This was the most difficult and painful decision a politician can make. But in my reflections, I was reminded that the law is greater than me. That the law is the direct expression of the General Will of all. And with this painful reasoning, I submitted myself to the General Will of all as expressed through our constitution. This is how the October 26th election was made possible. It is an expression of the General Will of all. And this includes the General Will to Vote and the Will not to Vote. Fellow Kenyans, The road to October 26th was not easy. First, our Parliament, as the law-making organ of our nation, took the legislative critique by the Supreme Court seriously. And they embarked to correct the legislative challenges to our Election Laws. But when the Bill was brought to me for signature, I was compelled by my conscience to go back to the Origins of Law. If an Act of Parliament is a direct expression of the Will of the People, were the people happy with this law? Some argued that I was changing the Rules of Engagement half-way through the game. Others argued to change the electoral law ahead of the 26th election is to privilege myself over the other competitors. And because law must be founded on reasoned national consensus, I listened to these voices.  I did not sign the new Bill into Law. Fellow Kenyans, The Rule of Good Law does not discriminate. It gives us the right to act and the right not to act.  The right to vote and the right not to vote. But it gives us another fundamental condition. It gives us the opportunity to choose and imposes on us the results of Choice. Despite the fact that my major competitor went to court demanding the Presidential election be nullified and was granted that annulment, he chose to ignore the rest of the ruling which ordered a fresh election in 60 days conducted by IEBC. Thereafter he chose to abandon the fresh poll.  You cannot choose the opportunity to exercise a right and abscond from the consequences of that choice. In line with the verdict, l chose to abide by the Court ruling.  I went back to our people and once again appealed for their vote. I take this opportunity to thank all those who turned up in these fresh elections  despite violent intimidation and witchcraft. Many Kenyans exercised their democratic rights. The narrative locally and internationally therefore the voter turnout was low is inaccurate.  It is nothing but a history of political convenience and a tirade of conjuncture statistics. Fellow Kenyans, Here is the truth as recorded in our books. On August 8th, 15million Kenyans came out to vote.  Of these 8.4 million Kenyans voted for me. On October 26th, 90% of the same voters came out to support my Bid. This was a Re-Validation of their General Will.  A Statement of their National Intent in support of Jubilee as their government of choice. And all of this was done within the confines of the Rule of Law, and our Constitutional imperatives. For those who voted for Jubilee by way of Re-validating our August 8th victory, I thank you. Now we can begin the process of re-imagining our nationhood. But as we do so I must remind you of my commitment to the constitutional path and the Rule of Law. Put differently, my victory today is likely to be subjected to a constitutional test through the courts. And as I have demonstrated repeatedly, I will submit to this constitutional path no matter its outcomes. Fellow Kenyans, If we remain committed to constitutionalism, the rule of law, respect for independent institutions and respect for human life, our Democratic Resilience will be assured. And this is my commitment to the General Will of All. Finally, as we ponder the next few days, my pre-occupation is with the 1.6 million young people who have spent 4 to 8 years preparing for secondary school and primary school exams. The future of these our children should not be disrupted by our politics. My commitment is to ensure that the exams will continue as scheduled and that the future of our children is guaranteed. I continue to appeal to Kenyans that your neighbour will remain your neighbour after these elections.  Let us be our brothers’ keeper.  Let us maintain peace. God Bless Kenya and God Bless our Resilience. Thank you very much!

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