Affordable Housing

New 500,000 affordable homes

Priority Initiatives

  • Develop demand-based master plan for social and affordable housing

    Match supply and needs of target group
    Create business cases for both social and affordable housing projects to align activities across initiatives
  • Unlock land for development

    Establish the land bank
    Identify public land against affordable housing targets (e.g. land swap with PPP developer)
    Create incentives for private land owners or idle land tax
  • Use scale to reduce construction cost

    Negotiate low rates for key construction inputs for participating developers
    Design to value and standardize design elements
    Attract investments into construction technology
  • Scale-up developer capacity and financing

    Negotiate low rates for key construction inputs for participating developers
    Establish PPP arrangements e.g. land swaps to attract developers
    Selectively use NSSF balance sheet for financing
  • Grow mortgage finance market

    Arrange a credit line (e.g. with WB or AfDB) for providers of long term mortgages
    Set up the Kenya Mortgage Refinancing Company (KMRC) to manage low cost liquidity for mortgages
    Work with banks to expand offering to informal sector through new background checks
  • Ensure a supportive ecosystem

    Ensure fast public processes, e.g. permitting or transfer of titles
    Review PPP framework to allow for faster process
    Enact rules on staged off-plan payments to support developer financing
    Reduce admin burden and costs, e.g. eliminate stamp duty for first home owners
    Align county development plans, zoning and location selection, and public infrastructure spending (schools, access infrastructure)
  • Launch projects to create momentum

    Start social housing program, supported by allocations from the Unclaimed Financial Assets (UFA)
    Develop 55 acres in Mavoko
    Develop PPP for Portland land
    Manage interfaces (e.g. timeline for last mile connectivity infrastructure & project completion) in delivery units
    Redevelopment of old estates

Legislative Approval