Food Security & Nutrition

100% Food and Nutrition Security commitment

  • Food Availability

    Maize Availability

    Rice Availability

    Potatoes Availability

  • Land under Irrigation

  • Small holder Production & Value Addition

  • 1000 Production SMEs

  • Jobs Created

  • Affordability

New & Innovative Initiatives

  • Enhance large scale production

    Place additional 700,000 Acres through PPP (including idle arable land) under maize, potato, rice, cotton, aquaculture and feeds production.
    Form an Agriculture and Irrigation Sector Working Group (AISWAG) to provide coordination for irrigated Agriculture
    Use locally blended fertilizer on a 50/50 basis and implement liming e.g maize.
    Avail incentives for post-harvest technologies to reduce postharvest losses from 20% to 15% e.g waive duty on cereal drying equipment, hematic bags, grain cocoons/silos, fishing and aquaculture equipment and feed
  • Drive Small holder Productivity

    Establish 1,000 targeted production level SMEs using a performance based incentive model in the entire value chain
    Improve access to credit/input for farmers through Warehouse Receipt System and strengthen commodity fund
    Establish commercialized feed systems for livestock, fish, poultry and piggery to revolutionize feed regime and traceability of animals
    Establish East Africa’s Premier food hub, secure investors to construct a Shipyard (in 2018 – site existing) and increase domestic fishing fleet by 68 Vessels in the Coast.
  • Reduce cost of food

    Contract farmers for Strategic Food Reserve and other commercial off-takers
    Redesign subsidy model to maximize impact by focusing on specific farmer needs (flexible voucher and incentive based model)
    Secure investments through PPP in post-harvest handling (storage, cold storage for fish, aggregation) and market distribution infrastructure to reduce losses
    Eliminate multiple levies across counties in the agriculture value chain (enforce laws on roads)

Legislative Support