Universal Health Coverage

Achieve 100% Universal Health Coverage by scaling up NHIF uptake

Population and NHIF Coverage

New & Innovative Initiatives

  • Adopt Agency Model

    Enlist 37,000 banking sector agent network: 4 banks, 3 mobile telecom networks
    Ajira Agents platform (95,000)
    Leverage on self-help groups, SACCOs
    Religious organizations for advocacy
  • Activate Community Health Worker Network

    Enlist 100,000 Community Health Volunteers to each recruit 20 households per CHV
  • Legal Reforms to align NHIF to UHC

    Align NHIF act to UHC, group insurance, multi-tier benefit package
    Review IRA act to increase uptake of Private Health Insurance to cushion NHIF
  • Multi-tier Benefit Packages

    Launch segregated multi-tiered package
  • Digitize NHIF

    Create customer friendly processes (Registration and Claims)
    Improve productivity and reduce costs


  • New financing

    Gradual increment of budgetary allocation to health (from 7% in 2017 to 10% 2022)
    Introduce Robin-Hood taxes on high value RTGS, mobile money transfers, and airfares
    Dedicate a percentage of Excise duty and Sin tax to health
  • Adopt new low cost service delivery models

    eHealth - for telemedicine
    eHubs collection and dissemination of information