At the UN General Assembly, New York, United States.

The world is headed in an undesirable direction. The spirit of multilateralism and global solidarity is essential, now. We should all rise to the challenges of the moment — such as insecurity and climate crisis — rather than pursue narrow and insular interests to maintain the status quo that undermines and cannibalises the United Nations system at the expense of humanity’s collective journey to progress.

Africa has elected to step forward to the world — not to ask for hand-outs — but to work with the rest of the globe and offer every human being in this world a decent chance of security and prosperity through mobilising resources, confronting insecurity and resolving conflicts. We remain proactively committed and determined in our contributions to stability.

The international community has failed the solidarity and collective action test so far in Haiti. The Caribbean nation deserves better from the world. In the face of the historic neglect and betrayal, inaction is no longer an option. We must mobilise and urgently respond to the threats from the deadly gang violence in the country.

Climate action and sustainable development goals must be pursued simultaneously and with greater resolve, urgency and ambition. No meaningful development can occur in countries that are also struggling with climate change shocks. That is why Africa has undertaken to consider the dual problems through an opportunity lens, and to deliver effective solutions by pursuing a fresh trajectory.

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