Food production is poised to increase following the launch of a new fertiliser variety.
Referred to as Fertiplant, the farm input is said to be soil-specific and tailor-made to suit crop nutrient requirements.

This means different areas in Kenya will have distinct blends of fertilisers that fit their needs.

Speaking during its launch on Friday in Nakuru, President William Ruto said the fertiliser will help transform agriculture that has suffered from low quality inputs for many years.
He noted that the new fertiliser will get farmers out of the low production zone and empower them economically.
The Nakuru-based plant will produce at least 100,000 metric tonnes of NPK fertilisers annually, benefiting more than two million farmers.

The President noted that the Government is keen on making farmers produce more by encouraging the uptake of affordable and quality inputs.

“We will continue catalysing and sustaining inclusive agricultural transformation in the country so as to improve food security and enhance incomes,” he said.

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