President at Kenya Kwanza PG in Naivasha, Nakuru County

President William Ruto has challenged Azimio La Moja to form a formidable and vibrant Opposition that will check on the Government.
He said the move will help Kenyans get value from their leaders.
“We ask Azimio La Umoja to take their oversight role seriously. We are ready for this,” said Dr Ruto.
He was speaking today in Naivasha during the Kenya Kwanza Parliamentary Group meeting.
The two-day session is aimed at striking a working relationship among Members ahead of the opening of Parliament.
President Ruto said the caucus will help in the exchanging of diverse ideas to enrich the Government’s development programmes.
He explained that Kenyans had given Kenya Kwanza an opportunity to work for them and “we must deliver”.
“We have to get it right in Parliament if we are to actualise our commitments to the country. That is why routine engagement with members is inevitable,” Dr Ruto told the session.
He added that the meeting will also help in the interrogation of Kenya Kwanza’s Manifesto.
He cited the National Treasury’s move to pick the Inspector General of Police as the Accounting Officer of the National Police Service and the swearing of the six judges as part of the pledges met since his swearing in as President.
“We will change this country. And it is you leaders who can lead this cause,” he noted.
He said it was not in his administration’s plans to subside consumption but to support production to drive Kenya’s growth.
The President asked the MPs to exploit Parliament’s is a premium platform to articulate issues that will shape the future of the country.

“We will also be working on the review of the Standing Orders so that Cabinet Secretaries can be held to account.”

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