Success in Mobilising Resources for Water Programme Dependent on Goodwill

President William Ruto has said the success in mobilising resources for the Continental Africa Water Investment Programme is dependent on political goodwill.

He said the Programme, which seeks to close the existing water investment gap in the continent, must demonstrate robust governance to attract investment.

“It must be intentional and directed to the purpose of solving fundamental water sector challenges,” he noted.

The President explained that water users, regulators and providers must routinely engage in problem-solving.

This approach, he explained, will foster public legitimacy, citizen confidence and sustainable participatory engagement.

He spoke on Tuesday in Sharma El-Sheikh, Egypt, during the International High-Level Panel on water investment for Africa.

The Panel is tasked with charting actionable pathways for mobilising $30 billion annually by 2030.

“Mainstreaming transparent practices across water institutions is indispensable for greater legitimacy in the sector’s governance,” he said.

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